The 10th International Conference on Applied Materials and Manufacturing Technology (ICAMMT 2024)



The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

New Materials and Advanced Materials

Materials of lighting source

Semi-conductor materials

Insulating materials

Electronic materials

Non-ferrous Metal material


Micro / Nano Materials


Optical/Electronic/Magnetic Materials

New Functional Materials

Smart/Intelligent Materials/Intelligent Systems

Polymeric Materials

Thin Films

Corrosion of Materials and Surface treatment technology

Mechanical Behavior & Fracture

Research and Development of Composite Materials

Research and Development of New materials

Advanced Design Technology

Mechanical Dynamics

Mechanical Transmission Theory

Frictional wear theory

Vibration, Noise Analysis and Control

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, Optimization and Control

Structural Strength and Robustness

New Mechanisms and Robotics

Complex Electro-mechanical System Design

Manufacturing Systems and Automation

Machine Vision

Sensor Technology

Measure Control Technologies and Intelligent Systems

Transmission and Control of Fluid

Mechanical Control and Information Processing Technology

Embedded System

Advanced Forming Manufacturing and Equipment

NEMS/MEMS Technology and Equipment

Micro-Electronic Packaging Technology and Equipment

Industrial Robotics and Automation